In Adventist News: March 2016

Several North American Division March 2016 articles share the impact of Adventist education on families and students.  Be inspired to collect stories of those you interact with.

In Adventist News March 31, 2016

Several North American Division March 2016 articles share the impact of Adventist education on families and students.  Be inspired to collect stories of those you interact with.  Reflect to grow your ministry of education.

Is Education Golden or Gone? by Hamlet Canosa in Columbia Union Visitor
Faced with decreasing enrollment and increasing challenges, can Adventist education continue to survive? An education vice
president offers five things he believes are essential for the present and future of our system.

Building Better Schools Together by Daniel Granderson in Columbia Union Visitor
For a school to flourish, everyone must work together. Hear from school board members, students, and parents as they reflect on what works in their areas, as well as ideas for the future.

Staying Relevant Through STEM by Daniel Granderson in Columbia Union Visitor
“The four pillars of STEM—science, technology, engineering and mathematics—already shape nearly every aspect of our lives, and Adventist educational leaders, if interested in staying relevant in a business-minded world, must embrace its effects.”

Mount Ellis Students Explore Personal Finance (page 16) by Kevin Emmerson in North Pacific Union Gleaner
An academy senior and her teacher describe the usefulness of adding a personal finance class to their school’s curriculum.

How Can I Help You? Jesus on Customer Service (pages 7-8) by Jerrell Gilkeson in Atlantic Union Gleaner
“How should Jesus’ schools and churches care for people?” This article gives useful tips, as well as shares the negative experience of one family as they shopped for an Adventist school.

The Adventist Learning Community (pages 28-29) by Adam Fenner and Sharon Aka in Canadian Adventist Messenger
Read about the Adventist Learning Community, “a new web-based initiative of the North American Division (NAD) with the goal of utilizing online distant education technology for all kinds of ministerial and educational training and resourcing.”

Jesus Loves Me (page 33) by Viktoria Brunets in Canadian Adventist Messenger
This testimony shows “the beautiful and powerful impact of Christian education on the lives of one family.”

I Got a Great Deal on an Education (page 24) by Joe Hofman in Mid-America Union Outlook
With graduation approaching, a Union College senior reflects on his decision to choose the school, despite knowing nothing about Adventism. He has had a great experience, due largely in part to the faculty and staff there.

Schooled – The Education of Mr. Ortega by Debbie Michel in Lake Union Herald

A youth pastor steps up to lead a struggling school after the tragic death of their principal. Article is on page 14.

STEAMS Inspire Service by Evelyn Savory in Lake Union Herald
Read how Ruth Murdoch Elementary School in Berrien Springs, MI is implementing STEAMS this year. STEAMS goes beyond STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) by adding Arts, Agriculture and Spiritual. Article is on page 18.

Small School Makes Big Impact by Patricia Williams in Lake Union Herald
A teaching principal describes the benefits of a small school, where older students “step up to assume healthy leadership roles that encourage beneficial choices in others while, at the same time, helping them acquire skills they will need for a life of service and productivity.” Article is on page 20.

Colorful Life in Christ by Steve Baughman in Lake Union Herald
Indiana Academy principal Steve Baughman shares a great way his school involved their students in an outreach day while bringing elementary schools from across the conference onto campus. This year’s Education Fair focused on Health & Fitness. With the help of their high school hosts, visiting students participated in many activities, culminating in a colorful fun run. Article is on page 21.

For Such a Time as This by Renee Humphreys in Lake Union Herald
Lake Region Conference Department of Education shares how they show their commitment to the theme “Ever Learning, Ever Rising, Ever Committed.”  Article is on page 23.

Learning the Joy of Service by Charlyn Marsh in Lake Union Herald
Small schools in particular rely heavily on the involvement and support of local church members. This holds true for Hillside Christian School in Wisconsin where students, in turn, reach out to their community. Article is on page 24.

Note: Article written and posted in English


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