JAE 2019-2

Volume 81, Issue 1 (2019) of The Journal of Adventist Education is now available online.

The Journal of Adventist Education September 19, 2019

Covering a variety of topics representing “the effort of contemporizing and applying traditional Adventist principles to the reality and demands of the 21st century,” Volume 81, Issue 2 (2019) of The Journal of Adventist Education is now available online. In his guest editorial titled Beyond the Maze: Principles for Adventist Education in a Changing World, Julián Melgosa explores the question “What do we do with change in education?” Additional articles in this issue include:

​​​​Vaccines: The Power Tool in the Disease-prevention Toolkit by Leslie Martin and Mikayla Conneen
Children continue to die of diseases that could have been prevented. “What, then, can be done at the school-level to ensure that students are protected by vaccinations?”

Technology Careers and Faith: Closing the Great Divide by Laurel Dovich
“Are technical vocations not legitimate occupations for ‘divine calling’? Do they actually have a faith connection?”

Preparing Online Students to Engage in Fieldwork Experiences by Evelyn Villaflor-Almocera
“Is fieldwork feasible in online education? Will the process be the same as that used for traditional face-to-face methods? How will I prepare for this? What responsibilities will the students have? How will I know if the students are really doing the work in the absence of my physical supervision? This article provides responses to these questions gleaned from [the author’s] personal experiences and those of others who have incorporated fieldwork into online courses.”

Mentoring: An Intervention Program for Non-traditional Students by Lorena Neria de Girarte
Read how Montemorelos University’s virtual mentoring program “enables teaching faculty to not only provide participants with academic support, but also offer spiritual support through integrating a Christian worldview, personal faith experiences, and commitment to service and mission into courses and connections with students.”

Effective Governance: The Legal and Fiduciary Duties of Boards by Karnik Doukmetzian and Joseph Doukmetzian
“How should a board function in order to effectively fulfill its legal and fiduciary obligations? This article examines these obligations and will suggest best practices that will empower boards to function effectively, and enable individual board members to fulfill their legal and fiduciary obligations.”

Audacity Personified: Leading With Hope, Searching for Truth(s) by Ty-Ron Douglas
“This article examines the theme of hope within the context of my own spiritual positionality and my philosophical journey during a graduate course in Philosophy of Education—a course that I was completing as Barack Obama transitioned from presidential candidate to President of the United States.”

Using Graphic Organizers to Activate Prior Learning in Mathematics by Elvis Agard
In addition to useful information on how to use graphic organizers, find methods on connecting Bible verses to mathematics topics. The strategies can be used in other subjects as well.

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