In Adventist News: August-September 2019

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

In Adventist News September 26, 2019

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

Adventist Education to Feature Prominently at Camporee by Leah Westfall
For the first time, last month’s Oshkosh Camporee featured Adventist education at all levels. In a 40,000-square-foot airplane hangar with the theme “A Path to Jesus, A Path to Excellence,” educators met with young people from all over the world in an interactive and instructional setting.

New Education Resource by Southwestern Union Office of Education
The Southwestern Union Office of Education has launched a new website! Its goal is to “be a source of information for schools, constituents and the community.”

Answering the Big Questions by Patricia Ferreira-Lopez
“Am I doing enough? Will they get it? How do I make an impact?” Regardless of experience, teachers continue to ask themselves these questions. Christian teachers especially take the responsibility of preparing their students for eternal life seriously. Read how the Encounter Bible program has positively affected the spiritual growth in this Ontario Conference classroom.

Adventist Education in New York City by Jerrell Gilkeson
Read of the successes and challenges of the twenty-one Adventist schools in the largest city in the United States.

Keeping Student Debt Low: What WWU is Doing, What You Can Do by Cassie Ragenovich
Finances are a major concern for many students hoping to attend an Adventist college or university. Find out how Walla Walla College in the North Pacific Union Conference is working to help students attend while accruing as little debt as possible.

$55K in Scholarships Moves STEM Students Toward Careers by Darla Martin Tucker
“Universities and colleges are tasked with supporting students who are interested in STEM careers toward helping fill the current and anticipated gap. At La Sierra University, an important facet of that support consists of scholarships that help students stay in school and pursue their dream careers.”

Public Campus Ministries and Adventist Christian Fellowship: Hospitality as a Two-way Street by Faith Hoyt
Read how the Pacific Union Conference’s Public Campus Ministries is creating “networks for Christian students that will help them experience fellowship, receive mentorship and spiritual encouragement from local congregations, and grow in their journey as Christians through service and outreach opportunities.”

Southeastern Holds Second Math Derby by Lovelee Mathurin and Willie Walker
This idea for a fun math competition is something you may be interested in for your own school.

Education 3.0 by Robert Henley
Students from the Florida Conference Innovation Lab recently traveled to California to participate in the inaugural Loma Linda University Biomechatronics Collaboratorium, where the university’s commitment to K-12 Adventist education was evident.



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