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Teachers provide a valuable model for their students when they make a positive commitment to these four areas of life.

The Journal of Adventist Education February 12, 2020

Spiritual. Mental. Social. Physical. In her guest editorial titled Teachers: The People Who Make a Difference in Adventist Education, Carol Tasker discusses the valuable model teachers provide for their students when they make a positive commitment to these four areas of life. Additional articles in  Volume 81, Issue 3 (2019) of The Journal of Adventist Education include:

​​​​A Biblical Perspective for Research by John Wesley Taylor V
Research is purposeful and systematic inquiry that seeks to advance knowledge and understanding.

The Importance of Training Faculty to Integrate Faith With Learning by Michael Harvey
Faith integration is a vital part of Christian education, including at the university level. What can administrators do to prepare their faculty to create classrooms where this happens in a meaningful way?

Engaging in Culturally Relevant Teaching: Lessons from the Field by Charity Garcia and Charissa Boyd
Culturally Relevant Teaching is a popular topic for discussion and research, and it continues to gain more traction through practical application in classrooms worldwide.

Professional Learning for Teachers and Board Members: The School Board’s Responsibility by Betty Bayer
Educational experts agree that the quality of an educational program is primarily dependent on the quality of the teaching, and that ongoing professional training for teachers is the critical element in improving that quality.

Why Nature Matters: Seventh-day Adventist Education in the Anthropocene by Daniel Gonzalez-Socoloske
Why does nature matter? Why should we as individuals, as members of our church, our country, the human race, care about nature?

Reading Comprehension Strategies to Improve Writing Skills in the High School English Class by Kayla Gilchrist-Ward
Whether students pursue employment as blue-collar or white-collar workers, employers expect them to be able to read, write, and comprehend numerous types of communication.

Youth Alive: Building Resilience Against At-risk Behaviors by Katia Garcia Reinert
Promoting healthful behaviors during adolescence and taking steps to better protect young people from health risks are critical to preventing health problems in adulthood.



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