JAE 2020-2

Student privacy, digital libraries, fake news, and online instruction are among the topics included in this issue.

The Journal of Adventist Education October 1, 2020

As a new Adventist deeply studying the writings of Ellen White, Julián Melgosa came to appreciate the balanced position White encouraged her readers to take by presenting opposing poles. In his editorial titled ​Seeking Balance in a World of Extremes, Melgosa gives an example of missing the full picture by focusing on an extreme statement instead of seeking to understand the full context. With our constant stream of information today, “parents, teachers, and students must exert their unwavering commitment to develop their ideas, examining multiple and reliable sources and being critical of all,” while shaping those ideas with Scripture. Additional articles in Volume 82, Issue 2 (2020) of The Journal of Adventist Education include:

Age-appropriate Experiences and Rituals That Help Students Encounter God Part II by Barbara Fisher
“The origins of some Christian faith-based rituals or practices can be traced back to Adam and Eve’s experiences in the Garden of Eden: a weekly rest day (Genesis 2:2); marriage (Genesis 2:24); and daily communication with God (Genesis 3:8). For 21st-century Christians, these rituals help to maintain and develop faith and enhance their spiritual lives.”

​​​​​​Protecting Student Privacy: Learning From COVID-19 by Annette Melgosa and Ernest Staats
Unlike planned online learning utilizing course management or learning-management systems, the Emergency Remote Learning that took place during COVID-19 “often brought together poorly vetted online applications that utilize undefined levels of encryption and include terms of agreement that do not meet privacy regulations.” This article describes types of data, privacy regulations, steps to vetting an application, privacy vulnerabilities, and what administrators can do.

Cost-Effective Collection Development in the Digital Age: Considerations for Academic Libraries by Don Essex
“Are print or electronic books the most economical option for academic libraries? Given the different qualities associated with print and electronic books and the varied processes involved in making them available to readers, college and university librarian must consider cost-effective strategies for expanding library holdings.”

Supporting the Learning, Growth, and Success of Our Students in the Face of Trauma by Davenia Lea
“Educators are adept at meeting the academic, social-emotional, and spiritual needs of the students they serve. However, teachers and administrators also need to be concerned about the impact of trauma on children and their ability to perform and thrive in the educational setting.”

Ellen White and the Role of Research by John Wesley Taylor V
“What was Ellen G. White’s view of research? This is a relevant question for Adventist education as a whole, and for Adventist students and teachers engaged in research in all areas of study.”

Classroom Media Literacy Tools for Combating Disinformation and Fake News by Suellen Timm
While in the past students previously used more books and encyclopedias to conduct their research and complete their schoolwork, most now use online search engines such as Google. For this reason, media literacy is an essential component of the curriculum, helping students to readily identify mis-information, dis-information, and mal-information.

Transitioning to Online School During the COVID-19 Pandemic: San Gabriel Academy Educators Share Recommendations for Good Practice by Bonnie Iversen
Planning for any school year is a challenge, but planning for a pandemic year was not on the minds of the administration and faculty at San Gabriel Academy (SGA) in San Gabriel, California, U.S.A. Unknown territory has a way of producing challenges, often unanticipated, for which solutions must be created. SGA’s administration and faculty faced a number of those challenges and creatively designed solutions to meet them.


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