Shareable Video Clips Highlighting Adventist Education

Coordinating with the adult Sabbath School quarterly on education, these short video clips are great to share at your local church and school!

Philosophy & Mission November 2, 2020

Coinciding with the adult Sabbath School quarterly for 4th quarter in 2020, the Adventist Education Office in the New Zealand Pacific Union Conference has compiled short, professionally produced video clip presentations to complement and support each week’s topic. The videos are also available on Adventist Education New Zealand’s YouTube channel.

Each short clip is a valuable, dynamic resource that can be used to introduce or consolidate the study of the lesson. They would be suitable to show to the Sabbath School classes before engaging in a lesson-study or at the beginning of the Divine service. This resource and its powerful message can be brought to the attention of your congregation, even where there may not be a local Seventh-day Adventist school. Please consider using this opportunity to re-emphasise the importance of life-long learning and Educating for Eternity.

The videos are also valuable for parent-teacher meetings, teacher education or in-service/staff meeting discussions and marketing ideas. Titles are:

#1 Education begins and ends with God
#2 Community supports learnings
#3 All learning happens best in relationship
#4 We are not perfect and sometimes we mess up
#5 We are Jesus’ mirrors
#6 Adventist education changes lives
#7 Worship is at the heart of learning
#8 Grace changes lives
#9 Church is a learning centre
#10 Learning through activity and exploration
#11 Learning His calling on our lives
#12 Sabbath, quality learning experiences
#13 Forever learning


The Curriculum and Instruction Resource Center Linking Educators (CIRCLE) helps Seventh-day Adventist educators locate the ever-expanding array of resources for the ministry of teaching. Visit to find and share Adventist educational resources anytime, anywhere.

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