In Adventist News: October-December 2020

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

In Adventist News December 24, 2020

Coping with the Pandemic by Alina Baltazar
As the pandemic stretches on, consider these tips to help you and your family continue to cope with the situation.

Adventist Educators Prepare for Unprecedented Year by Katie Fellows
Read how schools in the Lake Union Conference handled beginning a new school in the midst of a pandemic. Topics covered include opening protocols, multi-platform instruction, teacher burnout, and financial concerns.

Self-care 101 During Covid-19 by Evelyn Sullivan
These seven tips will help you care for yourself during this time of unusually high stress.

You Are a Teaching from Home Expert by Desmond Suarez II
Now that many classrooms have adapted to a remote model, here are some resources to help you elevate your teaching from home.

Start College with a Life Coach on Your Side by Carrie Purkeypile
Incoming freshmen at Union College are connected with a life coach to help them and their families navigate all areas of the transition.

Schools Maintain the Values of Adventist Education by Tricia Murdoch Zmaj
With students experiencing stress from the ongoing pandemic, schools in the Southeastern California Conference “have maintained a tremendous spiritual focus” and “are continuing with their academic excellence and rigor while growing the students physically, socially, and spiritually.”

Remote Testing with MAP Growth by Leisa Morton-Standish
Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Growth testing is a valuable tool for teachers to obtain the data they need to make informed decisions. This article provides tips and resource links for those needing to conduct the testing remotely this year.

Early Childhood Educators: Laying the Foundation for a Christ-Centered Life by Lucas Johnson II
This feature shares the dedication of the roughly 400 educations at the Southern Union Conference’s 41 Seventh-day Adventist child care centers.



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