About Us

An idea started in Madagascar has grown to serve Adventist educators globally. For months, our team dreamed of a digital space to share and inspire Adventist educators. A place where continuing education is freely available and conveniently connected through social media. A place where Adventist educators can exchange ideas, meet colleagues, find what they need to continuing the teaching ministry of Jesus Christ in their sphere of influence.

As the Seventh-day Adventist network of schools, colleges and universities expands, continuing education for Adventist teachers, administrators and supporting educational staff is not equally accessible. To fill this gap, the Adventist Educators Blog is growing through the partnership of CIRCLE and The Journal of Adventist Education.

The Blog will feature regular professional development articles, news on Seventh-day Adventist education best practices, opportunities to collaborate on Adventist education research projects and monthly digests of Adventist articles.

Adventists engaged in the ministry of teaching in any setting (Adventist or non-Adventist schools, homes and churches), at any level (pre-school through post-doctorate), in any world region, using any language, are invited to read and comment, subscribe and contribute.

Think of a blog that is inclusive, interactive, and inspires excellence in Adventist education globally!  Re-think continuing education using current technology.

Welcome to the Adventist Educators Blog!