Hands of cropped woman teacher grading tests at school.

Limits of Self-Evaluation

Mistakes can become our “friends”, because they show exactly, where we have to dig deeper and rethink, if we want to move forward.

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Children with rucksacks running in the park near school. Pupils with books and backpacks outdoors

School for Life

By encouraging connections and skills for our students, and by showing interest in them and their lives.

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What a Saucepan Can Teach About Redemption – Part 2

Sin was not in God’s original plan. But his plan of redemption was prepared even before the problem had occurred.

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Female teacher addressing university students in a classroom

Pedagogical Bridges

The professional development of teachers goes through unique and distinct experiences, which must regularly be shared as means of incentive and motivation for others.

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What a Saucepan Can Teach about Redemption

For efficient teaching it is very important to have a curriculum and to plan and prepare every lesson carefully.

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Portrait of elementary school kids and teacher in corridor

Delimitando un espacio en el que Educar sea Redimir

Nuestra opción es recuperar y defender el amor y los principios de Jesús.

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Educational Leadership: a Profession or a Ministry?

The leader, from Jesus’s point of view, is a servant, working together with the teachers and parents. Leaders are servants working to realize the goals…

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Communication & Cooperation

In order to communicate clearly with our students, we need to understand all aspects of communication, so let’s expand our definition of communication by looking…

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Woman working on the computer.

The Teacher is the Center

From my experience as a teacher for more than 20 years, I have seen several key factors on which the success of the students depends,…

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Learning by Teaching: New Insights from God’s Two Textbooks

As we teach, we have the opportunity not only to share new insights with our students, but also to discover new insights ourselves.

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Educator Spiritual Growth: Connecting Redemption and Education

How can the work of education and the work of redemption possibly be one?

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Time We Spend with Our Children

As Adventist teachers, it is important to follow these principles in our time with our students to supplement the short time parents can spend with…

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