Southern Asia

Education Beyond the Pursuit of Intellectual Knowledge

Many schools have adapted to learning through group video conferencing via the internet. This new wave of learning has its pros and cons.

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School Environment

Adventist schools aim to be better. Better schools need a better school environment. Teachers and the students are the backbone of any school environment.

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Education with Technology

Innovative technology facilitates teachers training in new techniques and keeps them updated with the environment of education.

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Faith In and Of Jesus

True education means more than taking a certain course of study. It includes the harmonious development of all the physical powers and the mental faculties.

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Cold lunch objects against blank black board

Chalk and Cheese

The benchmark of an Adventist School is its prescribed focus on the three-part value system—the physical, mental and the spiritual.

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Education: Building Community for Eternity

It is important to remind ourselves of our purpose of building community, and to focus on that purpose.

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