Assessment & Evaluation

Education is Making a Bold Move in 2020

The North American Division Office of Education and the Union Directors of Education voted to adopt the approach of standards-based education.

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Examples of Evaluation in the Bible

Evaluation is an important part of the teaching and learning process. The Bible provides examples and insights on how to use evaluation.

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A importância da Avaliação Formativa

Quando tratamos de avaliação, colocamos em polos diferentes a avaliação somativa e a avaliação formativa. Feita geralmente através de testes com resultados quantitativos, a primeira…

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Biblical Insights on Student Evaluation

Throughout the Bible, we find principles of evaluation that can guide us in our role as educators. Here are a few examples.

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How to Make Formative Assessment More Effective

Diagnostic assessment is an analysis of a student’s performance before beginning the teaching-learning process to determine their prior knowledge and skill. Summative assessment is the…

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Avaliação como ferramenta de apoio

Que a avaliação é elemento essencial para o ensino não há o que se discutir. A grande questão é a maneira como ela vem sendo…

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Distance Learning in the Elementary School

Are you among the thousands of teachers abruptly separated from your students? By the beginning of April, 1.5 billion learners around the world had been…

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Countering Evaluation Anxiety and Promoting Student Success

Did you ever have a sense of impending doom when your teacher announced an exam or gave an assignment? Did you ever enter an exam…

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Seven Strategies for Exceptional Learning

At a school located in Melbourne’s east, some 295 students participate every year in annual Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT), which assess their progress in Reading,…

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Young unrecognisable female college student in class, taking notes and using highlighter. Focused student in classroom. Authentic Education concept.

Rethinking Evaluation Through Empathy

Assessment often feels like a necessary evil. We must evaluate our students’ competence, we must measure our own effectiveness in the classroom, and we must…

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Close up of male student taking notes sitting at desk during lecture in college, focus on hand writing in notebook, copy space

Four Reasons to Bring Google Forms into the Classroom

Google Forms can do anything! It is an easy to use, easy to manage free web-based application that is accessible anywhere. Google Forms provides both…

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Hands of cropped woman teacher grading tests at school.

Poetry Scores: Yours, Mine, and Theirs

As an educator, I continually struggle with knowing how to best evaluate writing assignments. Do I use a rubric? If I do, will the students…

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