Christian Growth

Transformação a partir da afetividade

Um bom educador, portanto, não é um ser humano perfeito, mas alguém que tem serenidade para se esvaziar e sensibilidade para aprender.

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Jesus e a Inteligência Emocional

Um grande exemplo para nós professores de equilíbrio emocional é Jesus. Cristo foi um homem complexo, abrangente, inteligente e equilibrado.

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Educators as Role Models

A role model is someone we admire and aspire to be like. A role model is a person whose behavior, example, or success is or…

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Introducing the International Journal for Faith Integration

From the Institute for Faith Integration at Babcock University comes a brand new journal, focused on holistic faith integration.

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Dutch woman sitting on grass looking at her mirror image. Wooden mirror on woman's knee with reflection of herself. The european woman is sitting in the green meadow in a natural rural landscape. I choose a lot of blue sky as background. On this sunny day in summer season the female model is enjoying the warm sunny weather. Concept of beauty, feminine, women, pretty, black hair, fun, enjoy, pleasure, happy, happiness, pasture, laugh, laughing, enjoy, enjoying.

Blurred Mirrors—Think Backwards

I beckon you today to hope, to cast a vision. Look not into the mirrors of the present, but to the vision of the hereafter.

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The Power of Relationship

For a student, belonging precedes believing. Through encounters that establish friendship and community, we connect with students in faith-forming ways.

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Adventist Education’s New Imperative: Digital Evangelism

What is the purpose of Adventist education and how does this impact our role as educators? Simply put, the purpose of Adventist education ultimately is…

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Crossovers—On the Other Side

“Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him on the other side, while he dismissed the crowd” (Matt 14:22).

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Facing Fears and Insecurities

No matter the reason, insecurities almost always stem from an existing root cause. Thus, finding the source of such internal dissatisfaction seems a natural first…

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Working Worship: Glorifying God Through Speech

To fulfill this mandate through one’s career not only helps the individual receiving the gift of service, but also the professionals privileged enough to serve.

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Back to school education concept with kid (elementary student girl) carrying backpacks going, running to class on school first day and walking up building stair happily

Investing in our Children

By the time he retired, he’d been teaching for over 40 years and had made every one of his graduating classes promise the same thing.

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One-Minute Lessons on Science and Faith

It takes just a mere minute to pray and read a Bible verse at the beginning of class every day.

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