Communication & Cooperation

How Adventist Teachers Connect

One new way that Adventist teachers can facilitate opportunities for students to develop skills is by participating in Adventist Teacher Connect (ATC).

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Projeto “Pronto, Falei.” contra o suicídio

Students were encouraged to be empathic and interested in their peers' well-being. Throughout the month, awareness and prevention activities were carried out with teachers, parents,…

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Increasing Student Engagement Using Virtual Connections

Integrating technology, along with incorporating student voice and choice, and implementing Project-Based Learning (PBL) are a few best practices for increasing student engagement. These best…

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Communication et Coopération en Milieu Scolaire

Dans ma carrière éducative, j’ai eu plusieurs expériences en ce qui a trait à la communication et la coopération avec les différents partenaires tels parents,…

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Distance Learning in the Elementary School

Are you among the thousands of teachers abruptly separated from your students? By the beginning of April, 1.5 billion learners around the world had been…

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8 Ways to Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Have you ever come across a child with alarmingly low self-esteem? Some signs that your child may suffer from poor self-image are if he/she practices…

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Stirring up Authentic Communities

There is a New Zealand saying that comes to mind when I think of how we are to approach our role as educators. It goes…

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Partnering with Parents: Topical Training

Help your students thrive by building stronger families through short, engaging, easy-to-read newsletters for parents of children and teens. The Curriculum and Instruction Resource Center Linking…

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Teacher teaching kids on digital tablet in classroom at school

Seeing Yourself Through Their Eyes

Occasionally a sensational story about a public school teacher involved in an alleged illegal or immoral activity off of school grounds will be reported in…

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Father Dropping Off Daughter In Front Of School Gates

Partnering with Parents: Training through Newsletters

As a principal or teacher, you know that family education is a crucial factor to a child’s ability to fully engage in learning in any…

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Rear view of man gesturing with hand while standing against defocused group of people sitting at the chairs in front of him

Atividades e programa para uma Escola de Pais

Na última parte desta série de três artigos vamos falar sobre a programação da Escola de Pais. Os minutos que antecedem ao início da programação…

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Happy young family sitting on couch and talking with family counselor. Smiling parents with adopted children discussing with counselor. Multiethnic family meeting a financial agent.

Como organizar uma Escola de Pais

Na primeira parte dessa série de artigos você viu a importância do trabalho da Escola de Pais. Na segunda parte vamos destacar como organizar o…

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