The Essential Question and Higher Order Thinking

Rapidly changing demands in the workplace have led to the need for a new kind of school graduate conversant with higher order thinking.

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Designing Curriculum for the Glory of God

As an educator, curriculum development can be challenging. Educators want to ensure that curriculum is robust, relevant, and suitable to their audience.

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Projeto Sementes de Girassol

O projeto de conscientização ambiental foi realizado nas aulas de Geografia envolvendo os alunos no plantio sementes de girassol.

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Adventist Education for Specific Purposes

Adventist education can draw from the methods of English for Specific Purposes quality physical, social, mental and spiritual principles.

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The Importance of Music in Adventist Education

Music has been identified as one of the rich heritages of the Seventh-day Adventist church. It has always been a veritable tool for evangelism. However,…

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Project-Based Learning During Online Learning

“Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand” (Chinese proverb). Teachers know from experience that learning is…

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Projeto Festa dos Triângulos

A aprendizagem da matemática e das formas é muito importante para as crianças. Na visão de Lorenzato (1995), é essencial a presença da geometria em…

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Incentivo às Carreiras Científicas

Grande parte da população acredita que o cientista e a ciência habitam um mundo de compreensão fechada. Se construiu uma concepção de que o conhecimento…

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Feedback Agents and the Adventures of Caramel

Can young students share oral presentations with confidence? Can little ones provide meaningful peer feedback? The answer to these questions is an enthusiastic YES! This…

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School children working in highschool class

Literacy Strategy Supporting Self-Regulation

Educators are always looking for ways to promote literacy and self-regulated learning. Recently, I developed a paper-based format that: Engages students deeply in textbook content.…

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Person planning with a phone on his desk.

Como ajudar os alunos a usarem as mídias sociais de maneira positiva

As pessoas que utilizam as mídias sociais para acompanhar conteúdo religioso acabam substituindo experiências reais por experiências virtuais. Esse é um ponto de alerta para…

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Woman reading the Bible.

8 Approaches to Values Education

So you’ve read and heard a lot about why we teach Christian values. But have you wondered how to get started?Have you wished for more…

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