Professional Development

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Reviving Your Enthusiasm for Teaching

Rather than remaining in isolation, reaching out and asking for help is not only important, but it can be critical to maintaining your stamina and…

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Low back pain.

Cuide da sua postura e viva sem dor

Dicas super simples para o dia a dia em sala de aula. Cuide da postura como professor e viva sem dor.

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8 Tips for Teaching through Tough Times

Picture yourself as teaching in a country in turmoil. Due to environmental factors such as war, civil unrest, natural disaster or major economic crises, the…

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ALC Courses: Faith-Based and Free!

Is your denominational certificate renewal sneaking up on you? The Adventist Learning Community (ALC) has you covered!

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Building your Own Personal Learning Network for Professional Development

We need to play a proactive part to ensure that we grow in the areas that are most important for what we face in our…

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Pedagogical Bridges

The professional development of teachers goes through unique and distinct experiences, which must regularly be shared as means of incentive and motivation for others.

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Improving Professional Learning Activities

Leaders can nurture a culture where teachers can articulate their needs in a safe environment that supports both voice and choice.

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Growing Professionally in Christ

We should strive to continually gaze upon the life of Christ and keep following His precepts and growing in His grace until He comes again…

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5 Continuing Education Courses for Adventist Teachers

The 5 courses are freely available through the Adventist Learning Community for continuing education credit.

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Professor e o desenvolvimento

A metodologia de Cristo de transformar vidas está presente em seu trabalho educacional?

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