High Debt, Low Earnings

The Education Department for the first time has released earnings data for thousands of college programs at all degree levels. What do they show?

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Five Smooth Stones for Leadership

In in many organizations life is like mountains of challenges, faced by opposing mountains of strategists, championing different ideas and philosophies.

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The Legacy of a Coat

Leaders wear coats of different sizes and shapes in the fulfillment of duties. Yet, coats have got their shedding time, a time to take off,…

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Integrating Faith, Law, Learning and Practice

All teaching and learning must be faith integrative by identifying common elements across the spectrum.

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Student group holding hands and praying before learning and education.

Incoming Missiles: The Battle Is Not Yours

Trust me, the missiles are always there, and that’s why you need the constant praise team, day in and day out. 

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Dutch woman sitting on grass looking at her mirror image. Wooden mirror on woman's knee with reflection of herself. The european woman is sitting in the green meadow in a natural rural landscape. I choose a lot of blue sky as background. On this sunny day in summer season the female model is enjoying the warm sunny weather. Concept of beauty, feminine, women, pretty, black hair, fun, enjoy, pleasure, happy, happiness, pasture, laugh, laughing, enjoy, enjoying.

Blurred Mirrors—Think Backwards

I beckon you today to hope, to cast a vision. Look not into the mirrors of the present, but to the vision of the hereafter.

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Adventist Education’s New Imperative: Digital Evangelism

What is the purpose of Adventist education and how does this impact our role as educators? Simply put, the purpose of Adventist education ultimately is…

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Crossovers—On the Other Side

“Immediately Jesus made the disciples get into the boat and go on ahead of him on the other side, while he dismissed the crowd” (Matt 14:22).

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Businessman stopping domino effect with his finger. Security and insurance concept.

Lead by Investing in People

A study of the Gospels and the book of Acts reveals the saga of Christian leadership by recounting the story of Jesus in his relationship…

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Top view of potter standing near pottery wheel and holding hands together

Mind Over Matter

There is a battle between the two potters for your clay, and you get to make some choices, through some thoughts and commitments.

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The father is holding the hand of the baby. Father's and baby's hands. Family concept

Done Made My Vow—Up to Shiloh

That’s why I am here, and you are there, for we are all headed to Shiloh. 

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blue sky, parachute and human silhouette. adventure

What Color is Your Parachute—God’s Will for You!

God has a revealed will through the scriptures, and a solid connection with Him will show you the way.

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