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Take a look at our favorite resources on classroom management, collected and reviewed by CIRCLE.

Circle March 10, 2017

Take a look at our favorite resources on classroom management, collected and reviewed by CIRCLE. Experienced Adventist educators sift the ever expanding array of online resources for those of best value for Adventist teachers, administrators and support staff, curating lists for quick and easy use by busy educators anywhere, anytime. 

Classroom Management – A Personal Reflection
The author examines classroom management and the need for teachers to develop their own management plan and style.

Classroom Management and Discipline without Distress
This 2012 NAD presentation focuses on discipline and classroom management strategies that teachers and administrators can use to enhance the growth and development of students.

So What’s a Principal to Do? Thoughts on How to Help Teachers with Classroom Management and Discipline Problems
The authors clarify some important issues involved in classroom discipline and management in a Christian school. A case study illustrates what a principal should do to help a teacher with classroom discipline and management.

The Day Bruce Threw a Chair – Perspectives on Classroom Management and Discipline
In this article, the authors discuss classroom management and classroom discipline, who is ultimately responsible for learning, and social-emotional learning.

Culturally Relevant Approaches to Classroom Management – Adapted for JAE
Techniques and approaches to classroom management must be modified to meet the academic, sociocultural, developmental, moral, and ethical needs of ever-increasingly ethnically diverse school populations.

Classroom Management- a Christian perspective
A fresh look at classroom management from a Christian perspective, this resource provides suggested activities such as the Golden Rule, Prayer Chain Acts of Kindness, and Respectful Role Playing.

ABC Game of New Beginnings Classroom Management Plan
This resource discusses a classroom management plan that operates under the assumption that every day is a new beginning and a new opportunity for success.

Classroom Management Presentation
This NAD Teacher Convention 2006 presentation inspires the teacher to make changes in their classroom management and organization. It offers concrete, practical and applicable suggestions for immediate change. Download the presentation and handout with complex and simple behavior contract samples from this zip file.

Transforming Classroom Practice – Is It Possible to Teach Students about Service Using a Classroom Management System?
“Fraser, a Year Five teacher at Northpine Christian College, wants his students to understand that there is more to life than material gain. Using a class management system, he adapts the program and adds a twist to help his students recognize the value of service.”

Six Simple Rules
Pat Cove notes that acceptable classroom management is not an accident. She shares six simple strategies that can help create a cooperative, non-combative classroom.

Tools for a Successful First Year of Teaching
This 2012 NAD presentation is full of practical ideas to implement in your classroom. You will find help on organization skills; relationships with students, parents, teachers and supervisors; and classroom management.

Learning Consoles – Classroom Management Technique
To combat restlessness, Cardwell suggests making several work stations available where students can stand instead of sitting at a desk to do assignments/projects. This may help ADD students in particular.

Classroom Management Presentation
In this NAD Teacher Convention presentation, Martha Havens provides practical tips and tools to help elementary teachers organize and manage their classrooms. View the PowerPoint; download the handouts.

A Day in the Life of a Bad Kid
This article explores issues that may prevent children from learning by chronicling a day in the life of Teddy, a student with an attention deficit disorder. The article encourages teachers to look for reasons behind apparent misbehavior, and also look for ways of empowering the child, whether through intervention or providing additional support, thereby increasing success in the classroom.

Practical Guidelines for Classroom Discipline
This article discusses six guidelines for classroom discipline.

In Control or Being Controlled? Perspectives on Redemptive Discipline
What types of discipline are redemptive? A redemptive philosophy includes the principles of unconditional love, the importance of people, respect for others, and loyalty and submission to God’s will.

Strategies for the Christian Teacher – Moral Development and Student Behavior
Students in Adventist schools need to be developing to the highest level of moral development and behavior. The author lists strategies which can be used to enhance moral development among students in our schools.

Discipline: A Nice, Difficult Work
Paul Heller writes on the importance of building resilience in children, fostering resiliency in the classroom, and providing opportunities for students to be self-governing.

How to Deal With Difficult Parents and Board Members
This resource provides guidelines to help teachers deal most effectively with parents and board members.

Tips – Dealing with Disruptions in the Classroom
This article offers a discipline plan to deal with disruptions in the classroom.

Tips – Implement a Positive Approach to Managing your Classroom
Issues to consider before school begins and then manage through the school year and how to deal with disruptions are discussed in this short article.

Challenging and Defiant Students
This article lists how teachers should talk to defiant students. It also suggests how teachers should deal with the student if the aggressive behavior continues.

Managing and Organizing the Multi-grade Classroom
This 2012 NAD presentation on the well-managed classroom is a teachers’ dream. See how students can work with you, not against you, to make learning happen.

Curbing Violence in Schools – Implications for Christian Educators
“This article explores the antecedents and etiology of violence and describes psycho-educational intervention and prevention models that can be used to reduce or prevent it.”

Seating Arrangements for Better Classroom Management
The author discusses issues to consider when developing seating arrangements, such as teaching style and philosophy. Floor space, classroom traffic patterns, and instructional methodology–such as cooperative learning groups, must also be considered when determining classroom needs.

Eleven Suggestions for Improving Discipline in the Classroom
The number one problem facing classrooms today is discipline. In addressing this issue, the author presents eleven suggestions in the area of classroom management that teachers should consider.

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