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The Journal of Adventist Education July 16, 2020

Despite initially dreading a certain required course, Faith-Ann McGarrell  gained “not only knowledge of the gift of prophecy, but also a balanced perspective on Ellen White’s writings in relationship to the Scriptures, a deeper appreciation for her writings and her personal awareness of her role and her own ministry, and an affirmation of God’s plan for each individual human being, especially those who responded to the call to teach.” Read about her professor’s strategy in “Ellen White Said…”. Additional articles in Volume 82, Issue 1 (2020) of The Journal of Adventist Education include:

​​​​Avoiding Fake Degrees and Diploma Mills: Recommendations for Educators and Academic Administrators by Sydney Freeman, Jr., Ibrahim Karkouti and Ty-Ron Douglas
“The purpose of this article is to address the issue of degree fraud, share the biblical basis regarding integrity as it relates to such situations, present ways to identify reputable colleges and accredited degree programs, and inform administrators and teachers, so they can better advise students about how to avoid enrolling in non-reputable institutions and programs.”

Age-appropriate Experiences and Rituals That Help Students Encounter God, Part I by Barbara Fisher
“Experiencing salvation is a process that involves daily, lifelong learning and communication with God.”

Adventist Education and Its Eschatological Dimension in the Writings of Ellen White by Anna Galeniece
“Seventh-day Adventists have historically placed a high value on the Bible and its multifaceted truth, which has been illuminated and supported by the writings of Ellen G. White.”

Introducing Ellen White to a New Generation by Chantal Klingbeil
“Maybe you’ve noticed—many of the younger generation aren’t reading Ellen White. Often, the problem is that, to them, her writings have lost their relevance. So how can church leaders, including teachers and educational administrators, encourage young people to read her books?”

The Bible, Ellen White, and Fiction: One Teacher’s Journey by Derek Bowe
“My lifelong journey of navigating fiction’s turbulent waters, guided by such biblical and Spirit of Prophecy counsel, has come to an end. I no longer embrace fiction, viewing it as instructive, entertaining, innocuous, or necessary. Instead, I now see it as subtly dangerous, beneficial only when strictly used in the ways Jesus modeled.”

Far Beyond the Virtual Classroom: The Power of Home Visitation by Javier Girarte Guillén
“Visiting students in their own home environments is a good way to get to know them and to build a good relationship with the family, especially at the beginning of the school year.”

Adventist History Study Tour: Walking in the Footsteps of the Pioneers by Faith-Ann McGarrell
“By visiting these historic locations, participants would not only learn about the past, but also be inspired and re-energized to continue the work of Adventist education and mission.”

Little Red School House Restoration Project by Lisa Beardsley-Hardy
Focused on restoring a significant building near William Miller’s farm, “the Little Red School House Restoration Project is supported by Seventh-day Adventist university presidents and institutions. Your support will bring the historic Little Red School House back to life!”


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