JAE 2020-4

Just as Miriam’s suggestion to the Egyptian princess changed the trajectory of her brother’s life, parents and educators can shape the lives of children with their words.

The Journal of Adventist Education May 12, 2021

One small suggestion from his sister Miriam was life-changing for Moses. In his editorial, Hudson Kibuuka  discusses the influence little things educators say can have on students. Additional articles in Volume 82, Issue 4 (2020) of The Journal of Adventist Education include:

Nurturing Faith Through Online Learning, Part 2: Implementing Faith Integration by Leni T. Casimiro and John Wesley Taylor V
“Faced with escalating trends globally in the utilization of online modalities for teaching and learning, perhaps one of the greatest challenges for Adventist educators is this: How can we shape online modalities to nurture the faith of students? How can we provide online experiences that incorporate a clear Seventh-day Adventist identity and mission alignment? Part 2 of this series focuses on implementing faith integration.”

Adventist Choices: The Relationship Between Adventist Culture and Adventist Education, Part 2 by Aimee Leukert
“In Part 1, readers were introduced to the design and methodology of a study that examined Adventist culture within the continental United States–its roots, its ramifications, and its relativity among church members. Part 2 will share the results and findings specific to school choice, and provide thoughtful discussion on ways in which to best use this data at the local level.”

Critical Thinking, the Bible, and the Christian by Prudence LaBeach Pollard
“Educators in Adventist schools face challenges posed by the influences of secularism in public education when they choose a textbook, look for a video to illustrate a point, and even when they select articles for students to read. The question ‘How do I position my Christian faith when seeking to understand the tenets of the discipline?’ is essential to their planning. This article addresses the developing critical-thinking movement and the implications of the secular approach for religious faith and practice.”

“Advancing in a Different Direction”: Thoughts on Adventist Higher Education in Times of Crises by Niels-Erik Andreasen
“Higher education is struggling for its future, if one is to believe the headlines. The most recent cause is the disruption to daily life and the economy by COVID-19. The question before us is this: How can we continue to provide the vaunted quality of Adventist higher education during this time of stress, while keeping our institutions financially viable? This essay ponders the need for a recalibration of the way educational services are delivered.”

AdventHealth Virtual Internship During the Pandemic Brings Many Benefits by Jason Ruiter and Ingrid Hernandez
“While many companies canceled summer internship opportunities in 2020 due to COVID-19, AdventHealth created a virtual experience that exposed interns to a wide array of leaders and opportunities.”


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