In Adventist News: April-June 2021 (part 1)

North American Division publications recently included the following articles that may be of interest to Adventist educators. Enjoy reading!

In Adventist News June 10, 2021

High Reliability Schools: A Personal Journey by Leisa Morton-Standish
Learn how the High Reliability School framework can help your leadership team see “permanent, positive and significant impacts on student achievement by synthesizing their successful initiatives into one harmonious system.”

Have you ever wondered?… by Martha Ban
The Adventist Education Dashboard Data Rollup initiative answers many questions about enrollment, demographic shifts, and much more. Access to data is based on authorization level, or can be requested online. See article for more information.

Helping Students Find Purpose Leads to Success by H. Stephen Bralley
“Central to the idea of agency for the Adventist Educator is its place within our world view—the understanding of our spiritual position as creations of a loving God who values our curiosity, autonomy and growth. We were placed in this fallen world as agents of change, care and redemption. Helping students find and use their voices, seek maturity of thought and decision making become necessary skills to fulfill God’s purpose.”

Trauma-Informed Teaching Strategies by Evelyn Sullivan
Keep these strategies in mind to help you be a positive influence on all students, including the many who have been impacted by trauma.

Adventist Christian Education Begins at Home by David Sedlacek
Although children should be taught the love of Jesus in the home, not all parents have a vibrant relationship with God to model. “Perhaps a necessary focus of Christian education is filling this void in the lives of our adult parents.”

The Baptism of Adventist Education — 1 by George R. Knight
Read how William Warren Prescott influenced Adventist education after opening his heart to God’s knocking.

The Baptism of Adventist Education – 2 by George R. Knight
Part 2 describes a shift in 1891, as Adventist education became more centered on Christ.

2 Big Bold Education Initiatives by Debbie Michel and Danni Thaw
Learn how the Care and Climate Connectedness project is providing the Illinois Conference with mental and emotional wellness services in a variety of ways. Then, read how a new virtual Adventist school is nurturing students in Michigan.


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